Gerard Brooks

Gerard Brooks

Gerard has a passion for worship and edifying the people of God through preaching and singing. He is a minister of the gospel, an anointed psalmist, songwriter and actor.


On March 6, 2009 Gerard stepped out on faith and released his 1st solo project, a Maxi single entitled "It's Me." After that He was called upon to sing at several conferences and revivals around the country. He has also appeared on numerous Gospel television programs such as Bishop Greg Davis (The Word Network's 'Rejoice in the Word') from, Dorinda Clark' Cole(TCT'S The Dorinda Show), Dan Willis(TCT'S I'm Just Saying), A Regular Guest Psalmist on 'TCT Celebrate' Broadcast, Just to name a few. In April 2011, Gerard released another Maxi single entitled, “Made For Your Glory” which is being requested by many listeners every day. Gerard has been the featured Artist of the month with WEXL Pat Butler’s show on 1340AM and 103.5FM in Detroit.


Currently, Gerard is the Worship Leader and Minister Life Changers International Ministries where Stacey Foster serves as Pastor.


In March of 2013 Gerard released his first full Independent album entitled "Praise..Worship..Warfare..Freedom!!" This project is to encourage believers to stand for Jesus in these last days. With Same sex marriages and the homosexual lifestyle becoming the norm, The breaking down of the family, People using Abortion as a means of birth control, and a society who is slowly drifting away from God, Gerard's mission is to inspire believers to not back down from the enemy and to live a lifestyle of worship and praise. This Album is to encourage, challenge, and cause believers to Praise the Lord, Worship the King, Wage a good Warfare against the enemy, and to Walk in their freedom.


On Thanksgiving of 2016 Gerard released a single called “Flame.” This song is becoming the anthem for the church in this generation. In a time when it seems as if the body of Christ is being attacked on every hand, God is still reviving the hearts of the worshipers. “This song isn’t going to change the world, but I believe it’s just a spark to start a fire in the hearts of the believer” says Gerard.


Gerard feels that God has called him to share the Good News whether it is through teaching or preaching or singing a song. He allows God to use him and feels that every opportunity to minister for and to God is an honor because we owe God everything and so much more. Gerard's motto is "I was taught at an early age that Whatever you do, do it from your heart because what comes from the heart reaches the heart."