May 31, 2017
Path of Revelation Release new album “Everything Changes”

When I heard that my bros, Path of Revelation (POR), were working on new music and planning to release another album,excitement began to build in my heart for a number of reasons.

Path of Revelation’s new album, Everything Changes, is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale and seemingly copycat genre. One of the things I looked for in this POR album was the duo’s signature sound — an amazing thing POR has been able to capture that many artists lack. In a time where it’s easier to jack the style of what’s hot today, Everything Changes offers more. With most of the tracks produced by Gabriel Parker and Matt Mitchell, the album sounds like them and nobody else. As a Christian Rap fan, I really appreciate this. I also have to say that this is their best work sonically. There is a clear maturity and growth from the last project, Grace and Vanity, which, by the way, was great as well. But with Everything Changes, I can tell that sonically, Gabe and Matt took a few more risks, and it paid off.

The album consist of 12 tracks, all of which feature the menacing POR sound and transparent, relevant lyrics. This is an album unlike anything I’ve heard in a while. While listening, I experienced the conviction of the Holy Spirit, especially during songs like “The Night,” “Almost Fainted,” and “Committed.” Songs like “Reward” encouraged me, and “Dominate,” “Bow Down,” and “Supremacy” drew me to praise God.

One stand-out song on this album is “The Night,” which gives a transparent look into the personal struggles of Gabe and Matt and how God has proven His faithfulness through tough situations, temptations, and trials. “The Night” has to be my favorite not only because it speaks personally to me, but also because I believe it will speak loudly to many listeners. Gabe and Matt are able to accomplish in this one track all the makings of a classic record, in my estimation, and the elements of such are transparency and the ability to relate to the listener and not speak over their heads. A classic must also be sonically beautiful and present a timeless sound and message. “The Night” meets all of these.

Another stand-out for me is “Bow Down,” one of the singles released beforehand. I describe this track as gritty, classic POR anthem-style music. This is one that can definitely stand out on its own as a head-nodder with a Christ-exalting message, especially the chorus:

“We aim to please our King, not please a crowd
Every tongue confess; knees bow down
If we’re truly unashamed, why close our mouths?
Every tongue confess; knees bow down!”

Another one of my favorites, sonically and because of the content of the message, is “Committed,” with a sample from Commissioned and lyrics highlighting the commitment involved in a godly marriage. Matt and featured artist Marcus Sheffield succinctly and plainly lay out the ingredients necessary for a successful marriage and where the priorities should be.

“Almost Fainted,” another one of those transparent tracks with that menacing POR sound, captures the struggles of trusting God’s perfect will and having patience in His leading. A song of the cry of total dependence on God, Gabe and Matt’s flow perfectly fits with the beautiful feature singing of Katrina Mitchell. Katrina Mitchell, who is Matt’s sister, lends her voice to a few of the other tracks on Everything Changes, and it’s a great addition.

“In My Ears” is a straight-up challenge song. Hear it for yourself. It’s a hardcore rebuke or encouragement featuring JWil Music.

I could go on about “Make Me,” “Relentless,” and the others, but I will leave the rest for you to listen to and decide for yourself.

Path of Revelation’s Everything Changes is now available anywhere music is sold digitally, or physical copies can be purchased for $10 to through PayPal. Learn more about the duo’s ministry at